Steve D. Wolf

COMET’S TALE:  How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life (Algonquin; named one of the best books of 2012 by Hudson Booksellers)

“Who would have thought that a rescued greyhound would be an angel in disguise? Told with abundant humor, humility, and a writing style as graceful as a greyhound, Comet’s Tale abounds with revelations of the way life surprises us with a smile, the wag of a tail, or even a miracle. I loved this book!”  —Anne Hillerman, author of Tony Hillerman’s Landscape

“Comet the dog is worthy of the Canine Hall of Fame, and Comet’s Tale is everything you want a memoir to be: wise, moving, honest, and true. I loved it, and so will you.” —Louis Bayard, bestselling author of The Pale Blue Eye.

“The story of Steven Wolf and his rescuer, Comet, is one of the best I know. I’m glad Comet saved Wolf’s life so he could write this marvelous book.” —Craig Johnson, author of the bestselling Longmire series

Forced into early retirement by a spinal condition, Steven Wolf reluctantly leaves his family and moves to Arizona for its warm winter climate. A life-long dog lover, the former hard-driving attorney is drawn to a local group that rescues retired racing greyhounds. When Comet, a once-abused cinnamon-striped racer, chooses to “adopt” Wolf, he has no idea that a life-altering relationship has begun—for both of them.

Racers, cruelly treated and exposed only to the track and cage, don’t know the most basic skills—walking on tile floors, climbing stairs, even playing with toys or children—so Wolf must show the mistrustful greyhound how to thrive in the real world. Gradually, a confident but mysterious spirit emerges from the stunning animal. And when Wolf’s health starts to worsen, the tables turn, and Comet must help Wolf with the most basic skills.

Wolf teaches Comet to be a service dog, and soon enough she is towing his cart through the grocery store,  helping him get out of bed, and attracting friends to his isolated world. She plays a crucial role in restoring Wolf’s health, even saving his marriage. Their unshakable faith in each other makes them winners once again.

"ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL! A very good book about a human whose life is transformed by a greyhound. Makes me want to adopt a greyhound right away!" --Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, bestselling author of Dogs Never Lie About Love