Rob Cohen & David Wollock


Etiquette for OutlawsNever mind the salad fork–this is etiquette for outlaws!

Curious to find out what to wear to a Fetish Ball?  The difference between “sticky green” and “backyard boogie”? Which piercing has the worst pain factor? How to find the best bookie?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more as ETIQUETTE FOR OUTLAWS teaches you how to live it up in style with tips on tattoos, graffiti, motorcycles, gambling, strip clubs, alternative sex, drinking, jailhouse fighting, piercings, and every other subject you need to be a true outlaw.


"Advising on badass behaviors from body piercing to fetish clubs to Harley protocol to getting in with 'the professionals' -- rock stars, porn stars, dominatrixes, gang-bangers -- these hipsters, in a markedly unhip and risky moment of generosity, welcome readers into the cognoscenti. In a delightful blend of irony and gravitas, Cohen and Wollock reveal, at long last, the secret recipe and ingredients for cool."--Publishers Weekly