Lisa Hunter

THE INTREPID ART COLLECTOR: Finding, Buying and Appreciating Art on a Budget (Three Rivers Press)

Cover-Art CollectorArts journalist Lisa Hunter is a former editor and publicist for major New York museums.  She has a degree in fine arts from Barnard College, Columbia University, and has been collecting art for more than twenty years.

Praise for The Intrepid Art Collector

“[A] good starting point for art enthusiasts contemplating the steps beyond ‘I liked it so I bought it.’” — San Francisco Chronicle

“Lisa Hunter has thoughtfully written The Intrepid Art Collector just for you. It’s a super-concise, super-clear, super-user-friendly guide to art collecting for even the newest of novices. She covers all the bases . . . in a prose that’s sympathetic and without a hint of pretension. If only gallery owners could be the same!”– Montreal Hour

“A lively and accessible primer brimming with sound advice.” — Montreal Gazette

Author Photo LIsa Epstein"An easy-to-use compass for anyone who wishes to go from admirer to acquirer." --East Hampton Star