Joline Godfrey

TWENTY $ECRETS TO MONEY AND INDEPENDENCE: The DollarDiva’s Guide to Life (St. Martin’s Press)

Raising Financially Fit Kids, RevisedJoline Godfrey is an innovator in financial education for children and families. Originator of a unique developmental, experiential approach to financial education, her work gives families new tools for developing their human capital and raising children growing up in the midst of abundance.  Godfrey is also the author of RAISING FINANCIALLY FIT KIDS; TWENTY $ECRETS TO MONEY AND INDEPENDENCE: The DollarDiva’s Guide to Life; OUR WILDEST DREAMS: Women Making Money, Having Fun, Doing Good (HarperCollins); and NO MORE FROGS TO KISS: 99 Ways to Give Economic Power to Girls (HarperBusiness).  Visit her online at The Unexpected Table.

Recognized in features for the Today Show, Oprah, Fortune, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, and other media outlets, Godfrey is a frequent speaker worldwide and an advisor to some of the country’s most influential families.

Praise for Joline Godfrey and RAISING FINANCIALLY FIT KIDS

“Once again, Joline Godfrey sets the standard on the financial literacy front. All the tips today’s parents need are within this richly packed volume: Joline offers up age-appropriate lessons for each stage of a young person’s financial journey. No one does it better.” —Whitney Ransom and Meg Milne Moulton, Executive Directors, National Coalition of Girls Schools

“Financial literacy is listed in Faith Popcorn’s Dictionary of the Future as a service being offered by a growing number of investment firms for their clients. Godfrey’s book gives us yet another terrific tool with which to support the needs of our clients.” —Carol Malnick, Partner, Nelson Capital

“Joline Godfrey is a wonderful writer who has dedicated her career to helping parents teach children about money … Godfrey’s background in social work shows in her keen understanding of childhood development and her effective ways of assisting parents in engaging their children. “ —Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, founder KBK Wealth Connection

“Godfrey's book is a must read.” --Holly Hubbard Preston, New York Times