Diana Wells

cover-Wells-treesDiana Wells is the author of LIVES OF THE TREES: An Uncommon History, 100 FLOWERS AND HOW THEY GOT THEIR NAMES, 100 BIRDS AND HOW THEY GOT THEIR NAMES, and MY THERAPIST’S DOG, all published by Algonquin.  She has written for Friends Journal and is a contributing editor of the journal GreenPrints. Born in Jerusalem, she has lived in England and Italy and holds an honors degree in history from Oxford University. She now lives on a farm in Pennsylvania.


Wells portrays 100 trees, beginning with acacia and ending with yew, in a tree album containing lovely drawings and pithy essays.  Cinnamon, ginkgo, ‘small and spiny’ frankincense, mahogany, Osage orange, sycamore–all are succinctly described and celebrated in this warmly informative, fun-to-browse book of colorful tree histories.”  —Booklist

“You’ll learn all sorts of delectable lore and legend, history and science…[Wells] has proved her knack for digging up the quirky, and here she is deeply rooted…Oh, the wonders you will tuck in every nook and cranny of your noggin.” —Chicago Tribune

“Wells has assembled a widely encompassing look at how tightly mankind is bound to these providers and protectors of the plant.” —The Cleveland Plain Dealer 100 Birds and How They Got Their Names100 Flowers and How They Got Their Names

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