Robin Chotzinoff

HOLY UNEXPECTED: How I Became an Unorthodox Jew (Public Affairs)

Holy UnexpectedRobin Chotzinoff is the author of the autobiography HOLY UNEXPECTED: How I Became an Unorthodox Jew, PEOPLE WHO SWEAT, and PEOPLE WITH DIRTY HANDS: The Passion for Gardening.  An unrepentant generalist, she writes for Organic Gardening, Food and Wine, Outside, The New York Times magazine, and other news outlets on paper and online, as long as she can find an eccentric person to profile.

Living in Austen, Texas, makes it possible for her to play music and perform monologues in public, run a very small synagogue in her backyard, and enjoy unlimited access to world-class tortillas and roots music. She lives with her husband, journalist Eric Dexheimer, and has two daughters, Coco and Gus.

Chotzinoff author photo

“Robin Chotzinoff is an exquisite storyteller, and one of the most original writing today.” --Clarissa Pinkola Estes